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This robot is actually a suit constructed by Miguel Bond (no relation to James Bond). He studied at the College of Escuela de Diseño INBA  (a university level college) and is an industrial designer of fine arts in Mexico. For right now it’s just a hobby for Miguel but there are many avenues this suit could take him, one of which could be a Hollywood prop studio. Other activities and areas of interests by Miguel’s are Stan Winston School of Character Arts.

The painstaking time and detail Miguel put into this project is very apparent as you can see from the pictures. This suit is well over 7 feet tall, weighs 30 kgs (66 lbs ) with headlights on the chest, illuminated eyes and the head moves by Radio Controlled motors.  This robot suit has appeared in exhibits at malls and public places in his home town in Mexico.  If you would like to know more about Miguel and QRobot, you can see this suit used as it is worn by the man himself in the video link below.  You can also contact Miguel to find out more about his plans for his amazing robot suit QRobot.

To see preliminary head control motor tests, visit Youtube at;

To see this robot suit in action, visit Youtube at;

More pictures can be seen on his facebook profile at;!/media/set/?set=a.171981052870331.41217.100001753127724&type=1&notif_t=photo_album_reply